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Is ATARI ST dieing ???

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Atari computers are slowly dieing out. That's understandingly, because its hardware is slowly falling a part. logo2

So a lot of people maybe want to work with an Atari, because of it simplicity and reliability, but can't find spare parts or have knowledge how to repair it. One of the first things that breaks down is the power supply and the disk drive. The power supply is very simple to repair, if you can solder. Most of the time only the capacitors are defect, because they only last for about 20 years. Replace them and it will work again.

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The disk drive is a bigger problem, because it's difficult to find DD-drives nowadays.
But if you look good you can still find them. The most compatible are SONY, TEAC & EPSON DD drives.
If you find other defect atari's, maybe you can use the spare parts from them. The mouse is not easy to replace, so it's important to repair them, if possible. You can clean the wheels inside, so the ball inside has less friction. If broke, the buttons can be replaced, you can still buy them in an electro shop.
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Pimp up the Atari

There is a lot to improve on the Atari, to increase the ease of use, but also to replace old parts with new ones. Power supply, screen and hard disk are the weakest parts of the Atari, therefore need to be replaced. The alternatives are in this case also an improvement. In the power supply, the fan may be replaced by a quieter fan, and if the power supply break down, the capacitors to be replaced by new ones. Replace the CRT monitor with a VGA-TFT display, via a converter cable. And finally the hard disk replaced by a SCSI Flash (CF) converter or Satan Drive (Atari Flash drive).
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